Stacy London on Her
Holiday Shopping Strategy
and the Perfect Gin Martini

Friends & Family

Dec 21st, 2016

Photography by Jessica Antola
Makeup by Carlo Geraci
Hair by Ashely Rubell

Stacy London’s is a name that requires little introduction. Even the most casual of fashion fans are well-versed with the bold-faced stylist’s work as the co-host of What Not to Wear, and as iconic hair goes, you’d be hard-pressed to compete with her signature, envy-inducing shock of gray. London, who cut her teeth at Vogue
as a fashion assistant early on in her career, was born and raised in Manhattan—a rarity if there ever was one in a city of transplants. Still, it was another borough that called her name.

“Brooklyn still feels neighborhood-ish,” she says of her adopted home. “I know the people who own shops and restaurants where I live. I love that. I love saying hi to people on the street. It isn't as anonymous as Manhattan, and it's much quieter.” London offers up Carroll Gardens’ Lucali as a must-visit spot in her neck of the woods (pro-tip: don’t forget to hit the ATM first, though—the pizzeria known for its thin-crust pies is cash-only). And while the year-round pleasures of a top-notch slice can’t be denied, there’s something particularly enchanting about Brooklyn life come December:  “I love all the Christmas lights people decorate their homes with in Brooklyn. Some streets are just lined with them!  And real fireplace fires. Nothing beats that kinda heat.”

A veteran of decidedly ambitious childhood Christmases (“Huge trees, tons of decorations, tons of wrapped presents,” she recalls, “and stockings filled with little presents we were always allowed to open right after midnight on Christmas Eve.”), as an adult, London’s yuletide tack is a more low-key one: this year she’ll be celebrating “pajamas, hot cocoa and old movies.”

Those familiar with London’s strong Instagram (follow along: @stacylondonreal) are well-acquainted with her impeccable taste. She recalls of her first brush with Bird: “I remember wandering in and thinking that there was finally a store with my sensibilities and that would mean fewer weekend trips to Manhattan!” Before long, she had snapped up an Isabel Marant ribbed sweater—in three hues—and never looked back. And leave it to London to offer up a simple, but predictably ingenious gifting strategy to minimize pre-holiday stress shopping: “I usually find one thing I like, and then I buy it for different people with variations. This year I had a ball with trios of different size pouches.”

We tapped the tastemaker to talk about what she’s planning to gift, her a quintessentially Christmas-y tradition, and the ultimate gin martini.


Common Projects Achilles Low Suede Sneakers in Blush.
・The amazing Leigh Miller earrings I wore for the shoot.
Bauble necklace from Marni.
・A trio of pouches from
・Art prints from 20x200.
・A bottle of Dom Perignon.
・A bottle of Nolet's Silver Gin. (because I try to convert everyone)
・Anything from Elephant Ceramics.


See my Instagram collages but...

・The Mansur Gavriel Lady Bag in Blush.
Hestra suede gloves in Scarlett.
・The incredible Cherry red high-waisted trousers from Maison Mayle.
A Détacher birdie winged dress in Pink.
Tsumori Chisato colorful jacquard skirt with a sequin hem.
Elena baby alpaca fringe wrap from Ulla Johnson.
・A ring from Spinelli Kilcollin.
Tiffany Elsa Peretti Bone cuff


・“Gin martinis, all the way. With Nolet's Silver Gin, Martini Rossi extra-dry vermouth, up, very cold, with a twist of lemon. My boyfriend has perfected this recipe. Though when it's freezing, whiskey is hard to beat too.


・“I love walking down 5th Avenue during the holidays. I know, it's filled with tourists, but the lights and windows of The Plaza, Cartier, Tiffany's, Bergdorf's, Saks, Lord and Taylor—all the shops—and Rockefeller Center, it's so nostalgic for me. I was born and grew up in Manhattan. There is nothing like the feeling of that strip during the holiday season. Nothing.


・“Not get out of pajamas for a week.


・“Oh. You mean if I have to get out of pajamas? More than likely it would be a knit jumpsuit from Raquel Allegra or Laura Manoogian (hint hint, see above for “get”) with my new Kat Maconie boots.


・“Giving to Glam4Good, the JED foundation, ANY animal charity (especially the Animal Medical Center for me), and raising money by donating clothes in my closet I've never worn and selling them on The RealReal.


・“A stapler. Long story.


・"2016 was rough. Really rough for a lot of us. My wish is that this country, in particular, finds a way to open lines of communication, even with our differences, and work towards the good, health, and safety of all people. Peace on earth, of course, which includes mobilizing to find solutions for the very real problem of climate change.  Also, I hope Stephen Hawking figures out how to incorporate the theory of relativity and quantum mechanics into one unifying theory....Too much to ask?"