Thanks Mom
with Gisela Gueiros
and Rosy Keyser

Friends & Family

May 5th, 2020


We asked some women we love to reflect on what Mother’s Day means to them. Today, we present art historian, curator and writer Gisela Gueiros and artist Rosy Keyser.

Do you have any Mother's Day traditions? How do you plan to spend mother's day this year?

GG I don’t have any specific traditions, but my husband is the most thoughtful gift-giver I’ve ever met. And he always surprises me. He also works with the boys writing adorable cards — which fill my heart with joy. I’ve been loving to see the ocean (from Brooklyn) during this quarantine. So maybe a quick drive to the Rockaways for a walk on the promenade would be great. Try and smell the ocean through my mask!

RK I like to be with my husband and son on Mother’s Day. I usually make them each a collagey-type card of gratitude for making me a mom! If we really want to get down to it though, it’s MY mama, Gigi, for whom I am most grateful on Mother’s Day. She is a true eccentric and taught me and my siblings about wildness, planting gardens, empathy, and resilience. It was from her that I learned to make things provisionally and of all stripes using any manner of materials: clay, paint, sticks, rocks, paper, plants, chocolate, and lots of butter from a very young age. On Mother’s Day I like to walk to the studio and work a bit as well. I consider my paintings to be my children as well. Always stirring up trouble and talking back.

Are there other motherly figures in your life that you will be celebrating on Mother's Day?

GG Besides my mom and mother in law, I have a deep love and respect for my grandmothers. One still living, and one that passed away 20 years ago. I have a photo of her on my refrigerator to be reminded of her amazing energy every day. She taught me to love poems, birds, plants, salads and classical music (especially Chopin!).

RK Not asked, but offered: I recommend the poem A Kentucky of Mothers by Dana Ward. It illuminates the way our lives are shaped and colored by many types of ‘mothers’.

Who is your favorite/inspirational fictional/tv mom?

RK Currently it’s Linda, the mom on Bob’s Burgers. She’s a really empathetic mom who is totally weird, a romantic, funny as hell, and the main problem solver in the family.

GG OMG — Sharon in Catastrophe hands down.

What is your favorite recipe or baked goods that you have been making recently?

GG I have to confess that the chef in this quarantine has been my husband. He recently did a bagel from scratch and it was fabulous — crunchy and fresh!

RK I made a beast of cake that had banana and carrots and was adapted from a combination of The Silver Palate Cookbook and Amanda Brooks’ cookbook Farm from Home. We decorated it with flowers and ate it on the roof with our hands tied behind our backs. Just kidding, but we did eat it with our hands! I also have loved the rhubarb from Lancaster CSA for pie and compote. I always use Alice Water’s incredible pie crust recipe.

Rosy's Beast of a Cake
A painting by Rosy's son.
"My Lauren Manoogian Carpenter’s Hat gets a lot of use by all of us."

What is your favorite mother's day gift? What charities are you supporting?

RK A bottle of tequila and a painting from my son. I support Books Through Bars which gets books to prisoners. I think this is incredibly important as inmates are able to feel connected with ideas and liberties beyond their circumstances, thus making their reunions with family and reentry into community and culture easier.

GG He knows how much I love a good massage from Element in Brooklyn and always gives me the most generous gift cards :) Supporting Planned Parenthood is always a good idea.

Gisela and family at the US Open
Performance Art
Gisela's sons interpret Haring

What are you loving from Bird right now?

RK The Kayne Suit for men by Dries Van Noten, Hansel from Basel trouser socks, the Suzusan shibori scarf, and Lauren Manoogian’s sweaters (the one I have kept me warm all winter). Jessica Antola's book, Circadian Landscape, is exceedingly beautiful and makes a great gift.

GG I am obsessed with Isabel Marant dresses! They work perfectly for every occasion. These flowery socks would work perfectly inside (quarantine) or outside the house. I love the mix of pink and yellow. These red Loeffler Randall flats could save any outfit. Even PJs would look fabulous paired with these. :) If I had to pick a uniform in life, I'd probably choose a denim or chambray shirt. So versatile! Love this one by Alex Mill.

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