Thanks Mom
with Jessie Randall and
Melissa Joy Manning

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Apr 29th, 2020


We asked some women we love to reflect on what Mother’s Day means to them. Today, we present designers Melissa Joy Manning and Jessie Randall.

Do you have any Mother's Day traditions? How do you plan to spend mother's day this year?

JR Whenever it’s a birthday or a holiday we used to have a tradition of celebrating at Pierre’s restaurant. We obviously won’t be doing that this year! All the days are blurring together for me. I don’t even know when Mother’s Day is! I need to look it up. Probably my kids and husband will cook a meal or two on Mother’s Day and let me take a nap. Just being with them is what makes me happy.

MJM We haven’t really created any traditions yet (this is only my 4th Mother’s Day) but we always spend it together, and flowers are always involved. As is chocolate.

Are there other motherly figures in your life that you will be celebrating on Mother's Day?

MJM Aside from celebrating my own mom, our family also celebrates my stepmom, my partner’s sister (who helped raise him) and his mom.

JR For some reason my mom really doesn’t like Mother’s Day and didn’t like to celebrate it when we were growing up. I’m thinking perhaps this had to do with all her feminist consciousness-raising in the 70’s!?! But I’m not sure why. But of course, I do celebrate her on that day and I feel so grateful to her. We just celebrated her birthday (she loves birthdays) over Zoom and it was very special. My son Casper made her a video of all her grandkids and a Kahoot trivia game about her that we all played.

Have you learned anything new about mothering and family during the quarantine? 

MJM Chocolate is an effective bribe. Hugs go a long way and communication via stuffed animals is key.  Cy’s “stuffies” end up telling me a lot.

JR I’m loving just having so much more time with them. I’ll be snuggling them in the middle of the day or we will be having lunch together and I’ll feel so grateful to have this time with them. Today, my little son Harry meditated with me. It was such a social moment to share together.

Who is your favorite/inspirational fictional mom?

JR Such a good question! I definitely have to say Phyllis Nefler from Troop Beverly Hills. Style, humor and her heart in the right place.

MJM Sarah Connor from Terminator

What is your favorite recipe or baked good that you have been making recently?

MJM Unfortunately, I haven’t been baking much. But I’ve been fermenting like crazy. I’m really into fermenting spicy carrots right now. So odd, I know! Like Cy’s “stuffies”, it might be saying something about my mental state, LOL.

JR I’ve been making all my mom’s recipes: chicken pot pie, cheese onion pie, making muffins. I am grilling a lot of chicken, making a ton of salads and just generally getting very sick of cooking every meal!

What is on your Mother’s Day wishlist?

MJM I’m obsessed with Dries Van Noten. These pants would make me insanely happy as I lounged around the house. Also, the fierce print matches my pickle mood! I love oils—face and body. I always run out and keep a stash of Pete Rivko and Everyday Oil that are perfect gifts.

JR I’ve had my eye on these Caron Callahan pants. Love the cut and the sweet print. The Oversized Cardigan by Lauren Manoogian is the kind of sweater I could see myself wearing all year round. The Bone Chain Necklace by Melissa Joy Manning is so pretty and reminds me of one my grandmother Harriet wore. At Loeffler Randall, we’re raising money for No Kid Hungry on our website. So important to help feed families and children that are struggling so much right now.

At Loeffler Randall, we’re raising money for No Kid Hungry on our website. So important to help feed families and children that are struggling so much right now.

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