Home for the Holidays

As the year comes to a close, Bird owner Jen Mankins and friends detail how they are celebrating with, and shopping for, loved ones this season.

Bird owner Jen Mankins' list of what to wear and how to wear it, and her husband's infamous Glögg recipe to warm you up.

We asked Emma from Books Are Magic to play dress up with her favorite holiday looks and talk to us about finding the perfect gifts for everyone on her list.

From her uptown decorator bestie to her sister that is always cold and always losing things, discover what Jen is gifting to her loved ones this holiday season.

Alison Roman dishes out her favorite foolproof holiday looks and what she's gifting her loved ones (and/or herself).

From matching mesh turtlenecks to the perfect boot that checks all the boxes, see what our buyers are gifting this season.

We asked the team at our Cobble Hill store to give us a sneak peek at their favorite gifts, including everyone's go-to skincare oil and the geometric earrings of our dreams.

The sweatpant of skirts and a day-glo wallet perfect for spotting in a crowded tote are some of our Williamsburg team's top gift picks this season.

Grey Sweater (2019)

From Jane Barrett-Danes

"A significant memory around this sweater is that I had knee surgery immediately after getting it and then I wore it daily, throughout my recovery. I associate it with that period of recovery."


Fisherman Mockneck Sweater-navy
Annie Side Button Jeans-indigo