Blue green sweater from TOAST with mended elbows.

Blue Green Sweater (2020)

From Annie Luce

I am pretty sure I bought this sweater in London two or three years ago. I go to England once or twice a year to visit family in England and try to sneak in a trip to TOAST. I’m a casual dresser. My go to wardrobe is denim jeans and an interesting top. I like to wear this sweater with my jeans and can wear it almost anywhere, daytime or evening. I hope this sweater will last for always. I am trying to be aware of sustainability in my own choices and to focus on clothing that will last and always be wearable. I love my sweater. I love the fuzzy loft of mohair, the vibrant blue-green blended with dark blue yarn and the flared sleeves. I last wore it to Sunday breakfast with my Bestie.


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