Mustard Knee Socks (2019 & 2020)

From Debbie Smyth and Zac Mead

My socks have been involved in this project twice. Zac’s mum bought these socks for me about five years ago. Zac quickly adopted them, wearing them around the house, occasionally showing off his moon-walking skills. They became damaged from moths and developed massive holes in the soles from Zac sliding around in them. We had a baby last year – the mended socks arrived back just in time. I was so excited I could wear them again. I was in the house a lot with the baby and just living in the socks; then new holes came, moths again and heavy wear. I decided to mend them myself this time. I took them to a small local wool shop to look for mending yarn. The women at the shop laughed and said why are you bothering to mend them they’re so damaged but then admired previous repair work and helped me with my color choice. They have more holes, even after that mend. I guess I love them too much but you got in touch about NY exhibition and I am looking forward to the next layer of repair.


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