Pink Mohair Sweater (2019)

From Kate Wafer

I keep clothes for a long time. This is the oldest sweater in my drawer that I’m actually wearing. I do have older ones that I love but they are too disreputable to wear and are packed away. This one’s a thin, dusky pink, mohair sweater. I don’t normally wear pink. I wanted to mend because I love it and would love to carry on wearing it forever. I do have one story about this sweater. I wore it once to a work meeting. It was a strange meeting with a man I did not know very well. We were meeting at a café just off a motorway. It was a midpoint between us. He had just been made redundant. We were supposed to be talking about work but instead he spoke very openly about his shock and how upset he was about being made redundant. I didn’t know him hardly at all but I felt he spoke to me so openly because I was wearing this fluffy pink sweater.


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